Lower Abdominal Workout Tips

Lower Abdominal Workout Tips – The abdominal region of our body loses shape as we move towards obesity. The muscles of the abdomen are in layers and are very much interconnected. The muscles are arranged in the series of layers which are generally called as the upper, lower and oblique abdominal muscles.

These layers are well defined but still very much interconnected. Abdominal muscles can be worked out to gain better shape. As the muscles are arranged in layers through out the human body, it is not possible to treat any part of the body separately but there are some exercises which are specifically meant for toning down one part of the body. There are certain exercises which effect the abdominal part the most. These exercises are done to keep your abdomen in shape.

When you contract your upper abdominal muscles the ribs move towards the pelvis. By contracting the lower abdominal muscles the pelvis region can be brought closer to the ribs. Upper abdominal muscles help you raise your shoulders off the ground when you lie down to do the abdominal crunch. Movement of legs and hips in the same exercise is dependent on lower abdominal muscles. Aerobics can help you gain a perfect figure. Few exercises of the abdominal region can help you achieve this goal very fast.

Nature has created human being as creatures who adapt to habits. When we perform the same exercises for long periods of time, they start losing their effect. Once our body becomes accustomed to it, the exercises do not help to burn as many calories as they are expected to. The body’s energy boosts and as a result the exercise does not remain that effective for the body. Using treadmill or going for a walk may not be that effective if you follow the routine for same time and do it with the same speed. You have to change some of these factors. If you do not do that, the whole purpose of the exercise plan will be lost. If you for example, use a treadmill, it will be more effective in the beginning. As it becomes a routine your body will adjust to it. Now it can remain effective only if you either keep on increasing your speed or by increasing the time duration. Another problem can be that you get bored of doing the same exercises on daily basis. This gets really boring and you can even go to the extent of stop doing any exercise at all.

There is a solution to this problem. You must not fix a pattern of exercise to be followed on daily basis. You must mix all the exercises you do for your fitness and follow a different one on daily basis. It will not get boring then. Swimming one day and lifting weight on another, walking on day and running on treadmill on another can help you better. This will keep your attention intact.

This is what can work for you. You must enjoy your exercise otherwise it becomes difficult for people to continue their exercises. You must not concentrate only on your waist line or any other part of your body. Consider your whole body as a whole. The fats if removed from the body will help you get into proper shape. Removing fats from the waistline only will not help you.

There are few lower abdominal muscle exercises which help the biggest muscle of the body, the gluteals to burn lots of calories. These exercises are effective as they increase the metabolism rate of our body. This in turn burns lots of calories. Plank is another good exercise which can help you shape your hips your thighs and your abdominal muscles. Lying on an exercise mat on all fours, you have to put your elbows directly below your shoulders, on the mat. Legs are to be extended as much as you can. Now you have to move your hips up keeping your self in the plank position. You have to repeat this exercise about 20 times. 10 repetitions can be a good starting point.

Reverse crunches are a good exercise for the lower abdominal muscles. Lie down straight on the exercise mat with your back against it. Your hands must be by your side. You have to raise your legs straight up. Now bend your knees to bring the lower part of your body towards chest. Repeat it about 20 times. Do not forget to exhale at the proper time. Similarly, lying scissors is also an exercise of lower abdominal muscles. Lie down on the exercise mat with your back against the exercise mat. Now keep your legs extended and your palms must be under your lower back and legs. Raise your legs up and lower them. You have to repeat this exercise about 10 times.

These are very effective exercises if done regularly. Your abdominal can get into shape very quickly. It will be a better idea if you discuss this with your personal trainer before starting off.

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