Losing Abdominal Fat By Listening To Your Body

Our bodies are constantly telling us what we need when trying to lose abdominal fat, the problem is that we are not listening to what our bodies are saying!

We seem to lose our internal ability to determine what our bodies really need through years of self-indulgence and not taking care of what we are putting into our bodies. The good thing is that we can easily re-train ourselves to start listening to our bodies again!

When we start eating what our bodies are craving for we normally eat the types of food that we do not need instead of the healthier foods that would not only provide better nourishment, but also give us more energy and mental clarity. The best thing that we will gain by listening to our bodies is that we will not feel hungry quite as often.

To put it simply, when we eat all that junk food that has no nutritional value what so ever our bodies will send out the signals saying that we are still hungry because it is not receiving the nutrients it needs, therefore we will eat some more only to repeat the same process.

By listening to our bodies and providing them with what they need we will naturally start losing abdominal fat and weight in general. Because our bodies won’t think that they are starving anymore, they won’t hold onto that extra fat.
Our bodies are precisely tuned to operate at peak performance naturally. But only if we take care of them, once we start to abuse our body it will start to wear down quickly.

Unfortunately we grow up in an environment where we eat lots of foods that lack nutrients, like candy, cookies, chips and so on that our bodies are fighting us from the very start. This is the reason for the steady increase in obesity in our society. All these foods with empty calories will cause us to gain weight steadily.

It’s this lack of nutrients that cause our body to think that it is starving and therefore give us the cravings to eat more. In other words, if that junk food did have the nutrients that we require, then surely we would not continue to feel hungry after eating them,right?

In times of famine our body’s natural reaction is to conserve energy and this is all done by storing fat so that it can be converted into energy later on when there is no food available. Unfortunately the result is that we put on weight.
While all this is happening our metabolism also slows down in order to keep the weight on for as long as possible to keep us alive during famine. This is all a natural event.

Fortunately most of us are not living in conditions of famine, yet we are eating as though famine is around the corner.

In order to start losing abdominal fat and weight we need to start listening to our bodies again and start paying special attention to the foods we are craving. When we get cravings for certain foods, they are usually based on the nutrients that we are not getting enough of.

For example, during the winter months we seem to crave for the foods that are out of season because we have an ample supply of nutrients in us from the foods that are in season. The same goes for the warmer months.

This process builds a preference for the vitamins and minerals found in specific foods, and once the body is used to the extra energy that comes from eating these healthier foods, your whole system will continue to crave for these nutrients.

So by simply paying close attention to what we are craving for, we can begin to break down what our body is really looking for. This is one of the keys to start to lose tummy fat.

There is one important note, and that is that cravings are sometimes triggered by other forces such as Hormonal Changes, M.S.G (monosodium glutamate), food addiction and depression.

So before you go on any plan to start losing abdominal fat and weight, please make sure that you are not suffering from any other ailments that are causing you to over eat. To be sure always check with your doctor.

Published on Mar 7, 2017 | Under Fitness | By admin
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