Losing Abdominal Fat With Calorie Counters

Have you ever noticed how good our bodies are at maintaining our body weight? Well if you set yourself up the right way from the start and start using a calorie counter, then losing abdominal fat and weight in general will be fairly predictable.

Calorie counters can help you with your stomach weight loss because there is only a small margin of error that you will need to adjust. You see most people will only gain around 20 pounds of weight per year, so when you break this figure down into calories per day then you will realize that it is only a small figure that we are playing with.

As an example, if you were to gain 20 pounds of fat in a year that means that you would have had to have eaten an additional 70,000 calories. So you may be thinking that 70,000 calories is a hell of a lot but if you were to break it down to a daily level, well it would only come to 200 calories per day.

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You’re probably already aware that 200 calories is not a lot, in fact it may just be a can of soda or even a candy bar. So it just goes to show that our bodies do a pretty good job at keeping our weight stable even when we gain it at a fast pace.

This is good news for us because it stops us from gaining several hundred pounds every year. But it also means that in order to lose lower belly fat all we need to do is make some small adjustments to our eating plans and this is where the calorie counter will be of help.

So a good way to start losing abdominal fat will be by keeping a small notepad close by so that you can write down everything you eat. Now this will only be for a week or two so that you can gauge a starting point. So just write and weigh everything you eat and then check it against the calorie counter.

Once you have figured out the amount of calories that you are taking in by checking with your calorie counter. Then you will be able to make the right adjustments to the right foods.

By doing this you will now be able to determine the amount of calories that your body uses to maintain its weight and so now all you need to do is make a few small adjustments to the amount of food you take in and you will be well on the right path to reducing that lower belly fat slowly and predictably.

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The thing to remember here is that you don’t want to just make changes that will cause you to make up for the calories by eating something else. Instead you should be thinking about replacing the can of soda for a glass of water which will reduce the calories, or you could reduce the amount of meat that you eat and add more vegetables.

With a calorie counter you will be able to find lots of alternate foods that you can eat and just remember that the goal here is to keep it simple and as painless as possible. Losing abdominal fat is a long term goal so what your actually doing is developing a healthy lifestyle for yourself which you can use forever.

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