Fastest Way to Lose Weight for Women

What’s the fastest way to lose weight for women? Diet, period.  Do not believe on those magic pills or whatever instant way the internet or people can claim.  But what kind of diet can provide fastest way to lose weight for women? This is the subject of the article. We will however provide some insight on kinds of fast diet and how do they work.

Rapid weight loss diet

There are several kinds of diet for fastest way to lose weight for women.  The safest and usually recommended however is low calorie diet.  The diet limit the consumption of calories and eliminate/substitute consumption of carbohydrate. Food included in their plan are typically under 1000 Calories. The plan may also include additional nutrition source like high protein and allow some fat consumption.  Their purpose is to allow the balance and to make you feel full longer.  One example of low calorie diet is Military diet.

Some other rapid weight loss diet however exists like :

Sugar Buster

This diet relies on removal of food containing high GI (Glycemic Index) The purpose is to keep sugar level in your blood stable and not adding extra carb to body.

This diet forbids or limit following food : white potatoes, white rice, white bread, white flour, corn, beets, soda, candy, baked goods, and refined sugar.

Example of plan : Sugar buster.

Low Fat diet :

This plan as the name implies forbid intake of saturated and non saturated fat. The goal for this diet plan is reduction of both fat and calorie intake.  This diet might be difficult to follow.  However it may produce result.

  • Forbidden/limited consumption food : Fat source like meat, poultry and dairy product, fish and even fat from plant can be off limit too.
  • Example of plan : Ornish and Pritikin Plan.

Planning  your rapid weight loss diet

After reviewing your options in diet plans. In this section of fastest way to lose weight for women we will provide three simple tips on how to weigh your options.  Be it a low calorie or low carb diet or others we listed above. It must  be ensured that it can safely work without complications.

Rapid weight loss diet plan #1: Always play safe, go to your doctor.

It is imperative for your diet plan to seek some professional help like doctors. Visit your local doctor, be honest and tell your medical condition. After the examination the doctor might help planning your dietary plans and choose some basic diet like low carbohydrates, low sugar or other form of plans. Doctor may also direct you to appropriate diet expert that will ensure that your plan are safe and workable.  If choose to use two dietary plan simultaneously. Profesional aid is a must. One can’t have a low fat and low calorie diet at the same time.

Rapid weight loss plan #2: Your need is No 1

With doctor or professional’s help you can now begin plan your diet program. A key factor here is to make sure that you would be comfortable with the plan. Other factors you can consider is budget, because some diet plans may require supplements. Thus you need to check for their availability and price.  You may also need to think about your culture, ethnicity etc. Those might not really hampering your plans but still, one cannot be too careful. Last thing is to make sure to think about your own health condition, if you have special condition like say a stomach ulcer. Your diet plan must accommodate that condition. Otherwise you might end up harming yourself.

By visiting professionals or doctors you can ensure that your diet plan is made by people who is really expert in the field and understand your condition.  You must not simply follow a diet plans based on non-expert source like your friends who might recommend you to follow his/her system, magazines or internet sources. Always check everything more than once.

Rapid weight loss plan #3 : Choosing your plans

So with expert and your consideration in minds, it’s time to choose the plan. The diet plan must be balanced that it does not rely on supplement, low calorie or carb food intake or exercise alone, but work as an integrated system.

 Here are some factors that might help you consider your options :

  • Flexibility : A diet plan must be flexible and not limiting your food options, it must have balance in diversity and must cover most kind of food. Fruits, vegetables, various low fat items, protein sources like meat or beans and vitamins. It must also accommodate a little bit of indulgence and make sure you can always found/buy your diet food at your local stores.
  • Personal food preferences : As diet requires serious commitment, you must ensure that whatever you included in the plan must be enjoyable. In the bottom line, make sure the food you like is in the plan.
  • Physical activity : All weight loss or dietary program must incude this. It will provide the boost you need to loss weight. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular system, and it may also help preventing diabetes. Physical activity in your diet plan will ensure that you have the boost needed for the weight loss.
  • Nutritional Balance: Your body cannot work without balanced quantity of nourishments. Thus. Your diet must also provide balance.
  • Some people may select and use multiple diet plans. If this is the case, make sure that the diet plan can work simultaneously. You can’t have low calorie Military diet together with sugar buster.

How much i could lose with those diet ?

 The final question is how much one will lost weight after following the diet.  The answer may vary depending on plan. 4-5 pounds after one week of the plan would be typical.  Even faster is possible with more aggressive plan like lemon diet which guarantees that you’ll lose 2 pounds in just a day.  You can look further more about this lemon diet at google. However as we previously outlined, always play safe and make sure the diet would make you comfortable.

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