What to Do if You Find a Breast Lump?

What does a breast lump feel like

What does a breast lump feel likeBreast lump is a condition that occurred on women or men, at any age, anytime regardless of social status. What does a breast lump feel like ? Many, it can be painless where the women or men does not feel anything about it presence or it would feel soft and tender but sometime it feels hard.  The cause of breast lump varies greatly and not all of them are sign of serious condition.

In this article we will describe some common cause and some diagnostic tips on what does a breast lump feel like.When to visit doctor and what you can expect. This article however serve no purpose as substitution of medical examination. If something goes wrong with your breast, always seek medical expert help.

What does a breast lump feel like

Breast lump, how do i know if i have one

What does a breast lump feel like? Detection of breast lump would start from your own self awareness, on how actually your breast feels like, how does it shape, how it feels when you are in normal condition.  Breast tissues however are not static, they may have variety depending on your menstruation cycle for woman and age.  Upper breast tend to be firmer than lower one which is softer. As you get older however the breast tissue would usually lose its consistency. For women during pregnancy breast tissue may also increase in mass and density because of breastmilk production.

To detect breast lump however there was once a widely recommended self examination technique, which used to detect early sign of breast cancer. However it’s not recommended today as it was not scientifically proven to be accurate detection method.  Furthermore the self examination could be a source of worry as one can find non-cancerous lump and undergo unecessary medical procedure.  Thus why self awareness become important.  If you feel any lump in your breast anyway you may leave it for few days or weeks untreated odds are it would disappear shortly.

Breast Lump, what caused it ?

            There are no single condition that can cause breast lump, in fact it can be sign of many things. The following are some conditions that can cause breast lump. What does a breast lump feel likeon those condition can be different. Note that some of the following conditions are natural or can  heal by itself and easily treatable.

  • Breast cyst : it’s soft and contain fluid.
  • Milk cyst : This is natural during breastfeeding, as your breast produce milk, those milk need to go somewhere.
  • Fibrocystic breast : this is a lump of firm tissue that formed in the breast. Sometime it’s accompanied by pain.
  • Fibroadenoma : formation of rubbery tissue within the breast, this is natural and usually not a cancer
  • Hamartoma : a benign tumorlike growth in the breast.
  • Intraductal papilloma : this is some sort of tumor like growth inside milk duct
  • Lipoma : tump of mass that contains fat.
  • Injury : your body will naturally form a cyst filled with liquid.
  • Breast cancer : Woman and man’s worst fear. However it can be successfully treated when it detected early.

Breast lump, when to see doctor ?

Fortunately most of the breast lump be it in male or female are non malignant. The lump can be a sign of hormonal changes. Even babies can have breast lump from the estrogen leftover from his/her mother during birth. The hormone  will slowly dissipate along with time. Breast lump can also appear in teenage girls and boys during puberty which will disappear in few months. However there are some signs of serious condition, that if you see them better make appointment to your doctor.

What does a breast lump feel like?

Some serious sign you may need to look at :

  • New lump formed on your breast.
  • Fluid discharged from your breast, the fluid is not milk but rather transparent or even blood.
  • Your nipple suddenly inverted.
  • Lump changes or grow into larger size.
  • Bruise suddenly appear on your breast with no apparent reason.
  • An area of your breast suddenly have different color or feel different than other.
  • Change of color, your breast’s skin turned red or suddenly pucker like orange peel.

Additionally at the age of 40-50 it is recommended to see doctor for breast general checkup as breast cancer risk elevates according to age.

Lump Diagnostic, the doctor’s way

During the examination, doctor may ask questions related to your medical record, family condition, lifestyle and perhaps whether you experienced other form of symptoms. The doctor may determine the origin of your breast lump. However doctor can also make further diagnosis using some specialized tools if he/she is still unsure of your breast lump’s origin. Some tools and how do they work :

  • Mammogram : This is basically a mini X-ray machine. It can help identify any abnormalities inside your breast. One catch however is that this machine does not work well against firm mass of breast.
  • Ultrasound : This is the one commonly used to check baby inside a mother’s womb. Based on soundwave. More effective than mammogram in penetrating dense tissue which can help reveal abnormalities.
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) : Based on magnetic field. Currently the best available tool for diagnostic. However it’s also quite expensive, recommended only for those patients with high risk of cancer.

Further diagnostic tool may require biopsy which basically to take away some tissue from the lump and tested it on laboratory. There are several techniques for biopsy, one of them can even be part of treatment of cyst by sucking out the whole liquid content of the cyst.

Treatment for breast lump

Depending on the result of the diagnosis, doctor would decide what treatment suitable for your breast lump. If the lump is caused by mere physical trauma or normal there would be no need for any treatment.  If it caused by infection, then medicine would be used, bacterial infection would require antibiotics.  If you have cyst, doctor may conduct cyst draining.  For case of cancer however,  combination of therapy must be used, doctor may combine radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. See also: 5 Possible Causes Lump on Side of Neck

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